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New Development Sales + Consulting

Elevating New Development Across Colorado.

Your Project Partner,
From Concept To Close

What the business world calls “the market” is simply people, at scale. The one-on-one skills we’ve used to grow over the last 60 years are the same skills that have helped us conceive, market, and sell large projects in Denver, Summit County, Vail, Aspen and throughout Colorado.

Slifer Smith & Frampton is no stranger to residential real estate developments, but more importantly, we’re not strangers to anyone. We’re a trusted, talented, and collaborative partner to builders and buyers — and no one does a better job of bringing those two groups together.

Experts In New Development

With 30+ years of project sales experience, inside knowledge of the market and top-notch service, Slifer Smith & Frampton is your guide to success, from conception to sell-out. We’ve mastered the formula for the sales and marketing process, and we take a specialized approach to make your unique project successful – because no two developments are ever the same.

Elevate Your Development

With Colorado's only dedicated new development division we are always ready to help bring your next project to life.